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  • What to do when you first encounter a problem
    • Some easy DIY fixes
    • How to gather a problem "history"
  • What to know BEFORE you call Tech Support
    • Problem History
    • Having your Customer ID ready
    • Some other handy hints and tips
  • How to protect your data and prevent catastrophes
    • Do's and Dont's of data security
    • Best Practices for Passwords
    • Should you get:
      • a hardware firewall?
      • a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?
      • A Password Manager?
      • Secondary Offsite Data Backup?
      • Hardware and services needed to make your uptime approach 99.99% of the time (and do you need it, or not?)
  • What you must INSIST your technician provide you
  • 5 things you absolutely must NOT do!