MSP Techno-Concierge, Inc.

An I.T. Managed Service Provider for the Small Business Sector

Welcome To Our Website!

Our Mission: To offer Managed Service Provider services to Vancouver BC-area small businesses, and within five years, to the rest of Canada, the USA, and elsewhere.

Business Description: Techno-Concierge is in a unique position to serve a badly under-served market, that of the SMBs of less than 20 computers’ size, by offering Enterprise-oriented technologies (specifically Software-Defined Networking) and bring it down in scale to suit the specific needs of each and every customer’s IT infrastructure.

Company Background: The company is still in the starting phases. It came about because its founder, John Weintraub, noticed that SMBs seem heavily dependent on on-site technical support, using a break/fix model that depends heavily on fee-for-service and a reactive, rather than a pro-active model for customer assistance. Techno-Concierge shifts that balance toward pro-active, remote-managed and administrated monitoring and intervention, with conversion to an automated model of primarily software-managed, rather than primarily human-managed, network and PC support, preventative maintenance, monitoring, intrusion-detection, malware prevention, update provision, and the provision of regular systems data backup.

Products/Services: John Weintraub, as founder of Techno-Concierge, has been conducting preliminary research, and, based on informal feedback from a variety of sources, as well as a small-sample Google Survey. The findings support the notion that SMBs are unaware of many services they ought to have but currently lack, are bereft of contract-based services in unfortunate favour toward catch-as-catch-can access to technical and network support and management. By introducing Software-Defined Networking (SDN) into the SMB “mix”, the expectation is to be able to offer comprehensive services in such a way so that the SMB owner(s) don’t have to concern themselves with pricing and procuring vital, necessary IT services that are frequently outside the awareness of many SMB owners. By “Back-ending” the services, that is, by doing it via Techno-Concierge, a significant portion, is relieved from the SMB owners and placed on the shoulders of the SMB MSP Techno-Concierge. There seems to be little market penetration in this area, due to the economics of signing on so many “small fish” to so many relatively low-paying subscription contracts. There is substantial room for tremendous growth both in BC and elsewhere.

What Makes Us Unique

  • MSP Techno-Concierge Inc. offers BC-area small businesses proactive, subscription-based IT services to provide IT peace of mind.
  • Techno-Concierge is focused on serving SMBs with 20 computers or less, by offering wall-to-wall IT coverage tailored specifically for each customer.
  • We offer Managed Service Provider services to Vancouver BC-area small businesses, and within five years, to the rest of Canada, the USA, and elsewhere.